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Celebration of 2023 Annual Event
Created date : 2024-01-26

On January 26, 2024, Shenzhen Photon Broadband Tech Co., Ltd. held a grand celebration for the 2023 annual event at the Guoyun Ecological Culture and Art Restaurant on Wutong Island, Bao'an District, Shenzhen.

Summarizing 2023 andLooking ahead to 2024

During the celebration, Mr. Lei, the CEO ofPhotonBroadband, delivered an important speech with the theme "Ten Years of Struggle, We Have Always Been on the Path of Challenges." She reviewed the challenging journey in 2023. Domestic cable TV operator customers have stagnated and competition among peers is fierce, while also looking ahead to the development direction of "ThreeStrives, Three Optimizations, ThreePersistences" for the upcoming year.

Speeches by Department Leaders

Department leaders also summarized the work of 2023 and analyzed the existing issues. Despite the global economic slowdown, under Mr. Lei's leadership,PhotonBroadband achieved good results in 2023, filling everyone with confidence and anticipation for 2024.

Excellent staffs

Outstanding employees were recognized and rewarded during the celebration.PhotonBroadband values the cultivation of corporate culture and is committed to developing employees with a strong sense of responsibility and values. This award ceremony affirmed their work abilities and attitudes.

Oath-taking by Cadres

Subsequently, under the leadership of the CEO, the cadres raised their right fists and took a solemn oath. They expressed their commitment to lead by example, hold themselves to high standards, pursue breakthroughs, take on responsibilities, and work in unity and collaboration. In 2024, the cadres ofPhotonBroadband will strive for higher goals, leading the employees to constantly progress and achieve better results.

Red Envelope Lucky Draw

A red envelope lucky draw activity was also held during the celebration, which brought the atmosphere to a climax. Everyone held their breath and listened attentively as the host announced the names of the lucky winners, with cheers and congratulations resounding.

Sumptuous Banquet

Finally, everyone enjoyed a sumptuous banquet. Glasses were raised in celebration, expressing gratitude to the leaders for their guidance and care. Colleagues wished each other well, enjoying conversations and laughter, creating a warm and joyful atmosphere.

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