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Optical Amplifier —8ports
Dimension:422mm(L)x483mm(W)x88mm(H) Weight:7.3kg

High-Power Optical Amplifier



The PTA5102Y-08 Ytterbium and Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers (YEDFA) are designed for using in CATV、FTTX and HFC application. It is optimized for 1550nm wavelength and is packaged in a 1U 19 inch rack housing. The product is flexible enough to perform all the requirements of CATV、FTTX and HFC applications. The device chooses a high performance PUMP laser and circuit (include ACC and APC) and optical output power is adjustable and flexible for network link loss budget. The PTA5102Y-08 products also provide monitors and associated alarms for all vital characteristics. The status and management of the device can be monitored and managed either from the LCD front panel display &Web or remotely via Ethernet based-SNMP NMS. The device also support multiple optical output by build-in PLC splitter, which minimizes the investment cost.


Ø Standard 19 inch 1U Rack YEDFA

Ø 8 output ports without WDM

Ø Output powers rang 8*16, 8*19, 8*21dBm optional

Ø Output optical power adjustable -3~0dB

Ø Wide input dynamic range(0 to +10dBm)

Ø High Isolation input & output(30dB for max)

Ø Web browser management

Ø Automatic Power Control (APC) or Automatic Current Control (ACC)

Ø LCD front panel display for local monitor

Ø Remote management via SNMP (Ethernet Interface)

Description Unit Value Conditions / Notes
EDFA Optical Specifications
Fiber Connector nm SC/APC
Optical Wavelength nm 1540 ~1560
Input Power dBm +3~+10 (1550nm) Recommend ≥5dBm
Output Power dBm 8*16,8*19,8*21 WDM optional
Laser Bias Current Pump 8*16dBm1800mA±200mA@+6dBm input Alarm range:>1000mA,<3000mA
Laser Bias Current Pump 8*19dBm2000mA±200mA@+6dBm input Alarm range:>1000mA,<3300mA
Laser Bias Current Pump 8*21dBm2500mA±200mA@6dBm input Alarm range:>1500Ma,<4800mA
Output Optical Power Stability dB 0.1 @+6dBm Input
Noise Figure dB 4(max 5.8) @+6dBm Input
Isolation(Input/Output) dB 30
Return Loss(Input/Output) dB 55
PolarizationDependent Gain dB max 0.5
Polarization ModeDispersion ps max 0.5
Electrical Specifications
Communication Interface
RJ45 Supporting Web and SNMP NMS
Input voltage VAC 90-265 -12/-48 V DC(optional)
Consumption W 40 maximum
Fuse A 2
Connector IEC Male power connector
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature -5 ~50
Storage Temperature -20 ~85
Storage Humidity RH% ≤95 No Condensation
Mechanical Specifications
Dimension (LxWxH) mm 483 ´ 422 ´ 44 Carton:600 ´ 540 ´ 120
Weight kg 7.3 9
19” EIA rack, 1U Rack

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